Who is Simon Anderson?

    Simon is a master shaper with an incredible story.

    His shaping career began at 17 after winning the ’71 Australian Junior title at Bells Beach from Peter Townend and the hottest junior of that year Andrew McKinnon.

    As a professional surfer and a shaper, he came up with the 3 fin ‘Thruster’ design in the early 80s.

    At the time, most other professional surfers were still riding single or twin fin boards. They were slow to accept the Thruster as anything more than a gimmick.

    Turning point.

    Then came the 1981 Bells Beach Classic event. In the 12-15ft surf, Simon blew away the other competitors and peoples expectations of board performance.

    That same year Simon also went on to win the Pipe Masters; cementing the benefits of 3 fins and inspiring shapers across the World to adopt his design.

    The Thruster remains the dominant fin setup to this day. In 2011 Simon was inducted into the Surfers Hall of Fame.

    Given his accomplishments, it’s fair to describe him as the most successful surfer-shaper of all time.


    Simon has spent over 40 years on his craft. As a surfer, he still rips. A fact that has undoubtedly helped him to refine and develop the boards he shapes.

    He’s long been a favourite of Kelly Slater who’s quoted as saying that ‘Simon shaped probably the best board I ever had’.

    Current team riders include Kerby Brown and Cooper Chapman.

    A quick scan through the ‘Simon Says’ section of his website will give you a clear idea of the expertise, thought and attention to detail that goes into each of the boards he shapes.

    A limited run of 10 boards.

    During his visit, Simon will be shaping a limited run of 10 custom boards.

    In an age of prolific ghost shaping and mass production, this is an opportunity to own a genuine custom board straight from the hands of a master shaper.

    Once the spots are gone they are gone – so book early to avoid disappointment.

    £795 / board (8ft and under)

    1 day shaping workshop.

    Even more exciting for shapers and wanna-be shapers out there is the fact that Simon has offered to lead a very special, day long, shaping workshop.

    During the workshop, he’ll guide you through shaping your own board. Sharing some of his tips, tricks and lessons learnt during a lifetime of shaping.

    Whether you’re an experienced shaper looking to expand your horizons or a beginner looking for the most unbelievable intro to shaping this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Only 4 slots available. Book early to avoid disappointment.

    £1200 / person.

    See Simon in action.

    If you aren’t lucky enough to get a custom board or a workshop slot it’s still worth a visit to the factory over the weekend he is here. During the day you’ll be able to grab a coffee, hang out and watch him in action.

    On Saturday evening we’re holding a little get together. There will be beers, food and a Q&A with Simon. It’s free to attend but tickets are limited – so reserve a space by emailing

    Simon’s Story.