Neal Purchase Jnr | Duo

Neal Purchase Jnr | Duo

8 x 22 1/2 x 3

The Duo is unlike any other board. Developed by Neal in the pursuit of maximum possible speed and glide, the Duo blends features of Single and Twin Fins, but feels unlike either.

Contrary to appearances, the DUO pivots in the pocket effortlessly, squirts out of turns and maintains complete control at high speeds with no cavitation. The fins are double foil 6 1/4″ set at 7 1/2″ from the tail. The Duo prefers waves with a bit of push.

If you are used to a shorter board – don’t be put off by this longer version. This board surfs like a much shorter board – so if you want a board that picks up waves super early but can still hand steep stuff and turn in critical sections – this is well worth a try.

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From: £30.00 (or 1 Credits)


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