Board Club FAQ

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You receive credits when you pay for your membership. Each credit is equal to 1 day with a board.
The credit system allows you to buy a fixed number of days but then have flexibility to use them when you want within a year.

As a member you can reserve any club board by using your credits at the checkout. 
You can check the number of credits you have left at any time by visiting your account. 

You can collect boards after 1pm the day before your booking.
Please return boards before 11am the day after your booking.

We are open 7 days a week 9-5pm. 
We are open late on Thursdays 9-9pm. 

If you break a board Рyou pay for the repair. 

// You can see a full list of our ding repair prices here. 
// The most you might ever have to pay for a repair is £200 (if you snap a board). Less lost than if it was your own board! 
// A member of the team will check the condition of the board with you before you take it out and again when you bring it back. 

No, we don’t charge a deposit. Instead we do three key things for security the first time you hire a board:¬†

// We use Token Of Trust to verify that you are a real person. Please visit account verification to verify your identity. 
// We get you to sign a short agreement that you will cover any damage or loss to the board. 
// We securely store your card details on file as security against lost or damaged boards. (Doing this doesn’t take or hold money from your account).¬†

Please note that none of our team have direct access to personal sensitive information and all of these security checks meet the European General Data Protection Regulations.

For lost or unreturned boards – we will charge you the full retail price of the board.

You can use your credits any time during the year. At the end of the year any unused credits are lost Рso get in the water when you can! 

Yes Рfins are included with all boards, for all members. 
You can also try individual fins on your own board for £5 / day.

The longest you can reserve a single board for is 7 days in a row.* To use it for longer you would need to re-reserve it (if it is available). 

*60 DAY members can pre-book a quiver of up to 3 boards for a two week trip. 
*UNLIMITED members can pre-book a quiver of up to 3 boards for two, two week trips. 

As a 60-Day or Unlimited member you can help friends and family reserve boards at a special price using your unique membership discount code. 
In this case they still need to provide their security information when they reserve the board and they take full responsibility for any loss or damage to the board. 

Our top two memberships include a special discount code for you to share with friends and family. The friends and family prices are: 

// £15 / day for 60 day members 
// £10 / day for Unlimited members 

If your membership runs out you have 2 options: 

Start a new membership. 
Continue to buy single days ad hoc at the same rate as your membership. 

The daily prices for members after your membership ends are: 
// £20 / day for 2 day members 
// £15 / day for 6 day members 
// £15 / day for 60 day members 
// £10 / day for Unlimited members